Staying one step ahead of sophisticated cyber thieves isn’t easy. They work as hard at finding new ways to steal sensitive information as you do to keep it protected. And as smartphones and tablets rapidly replace laptops and PCs, cyber thieves know their best opportunity — and your greatest risk — is the valuable data on mobile devices. But what if those trusted to help keep mobile data safe, like device makers and mobile carriers, were giving thieves the keys to your front door? Certifi-gate, a set of Android vulnerabilities recently uncovered by Check Point is exactly that kind of threat. It exposes hundreds of millions of devices right out of the box to clever cyber thieves right under your nose.

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at:

  • How mobile devices have shifted the security paradigm and threat landscape
  • How vulnerabilities like Certifi-gate work, and how they can leave you exposed
  • Outlined best practices for mitigating mobile risks and threats
  • How Check Point and MobileIron work together to help detect and stop threats before they expose you