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How to Prevent Mobile Network Attacks

Mobile devices are the weakest security link in today’s enterprise. Yet with 42 million mobile malware attacks in 2018 alone, and mobile users three-times more likely to fall for phishing scams, businesses are clearly not paying attention. Data breaches through mobile devices can potentially cost millions in fines, lost data and damaged reputations.

SandBlast Mobile is the market-leading Mobile Threat Defense solution, allowing organizations to protect mobile workers from the loss of sensitive data. SandBlast Mobile has established a new paradigm for preventing mobile network attacks. Its unique security architecture protects against unknown, zero-day attacks, blocks phishing links across all messaging apps, prevents credential theft, and blocks malicious apps from downloading.

Watch this webinar replay to learn:

  • The latest news about the rapidly evolving mobile threat landscape
  • Why Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions don’t provide protection against email hacking, credential theft, and zero-day attacks
  • How SandBlast Mobile achieved the market’s highest security efficacy score in Miercom’s 2019 Mobile Threat Defense Industry Assessment


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