2018 is around the corner, are you ready for the cyber security threats that come with it? The current threat forecast looks grim for consumers and businesses. View this webinar featuring guest Forrester to bring you the Cyber Security Threat Predictions for 2018. Hosted by: Check Point Head of Threat Prevention Product Marketing, Tal Eisner, and featuring guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst Josh Zelonis.

Watch this webinar replay to learn about:

  • The financial motivation of IoT attacks
  • Extortion becoming the new normal is cybercrimes
  • Ransomware exposing lack of cybersecurity
  • Cybercriminals using ransomware to shut down point of sale systems (POS)
  • Cybercriminals sabotaging the US 2018 mid-term elections
  • How Check Point SandBlast prevents cyberattacks