With the shift to the cloud, we are also shifting our responsibility; relying on traditional SIEM solutions and analytics tools to understand our cloud logs, activities, and threats. But analyzing cloud big data is not an easy task, and existing solutions provide only limited visibility and no context to shed light on malicious cloud activity.

It’s time to put cloud security in context.

After securing the cloud network and configurations, Check Point proudly introduces CloudGuard Log.ic – transforming logs into actionable security logic.

CloudGuard Log.ic (pronounced ‘Logic’) provides native threat protection and security analytics for the public cloud.

Watch this webinar reply to learn how CloudGuard Log.ic:

  • Enables you to see every data flow and audit trail in today’s elastic cloud environments
  • Uses big data to make sense of cloud environments, allowing you to alert and quarantine public cloud threats
  • Provides context-rich, fascinating visualization that enables security teams to expedite forensics and reduce response times
  • Integrates with your SIEM solutions to feed them with enriched, critical data