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Global Ransomware Attack “WannaCry” Still Infecting Organizations in 150+ countries

Ransomware cyber attacks are quickly becoming the preferred method of attack by cybercriminals. WannaCry, the latest global incident, is particularly damaging because it is also a worm—not just a ransomware program. As a result, it looks for other computers to spread to. When it infects a new computer, it encrypts the data and locks out the owner until a minimum of $300 in bitcoin is paid. To achieve its unprecedented rate of circulation across networks, WannaCry ransomware utilizes a Windows OS vulnerability that was recently exposed as part of the leaked NSA hacker tools.

The good news: Check Point SandBlast and Anti-Ransomware solutions protect against the WannaCry attack

The threat extraction component strips the malware that is embedded in the infected phishing emails, and the solutions block malware from reaching endpoint devices and encrypting files. In addition, Check Point IPS and anti-malware solutions block the exploits included in the malware. This gives organizations time needed to patch any vulnerable systems.

Learn how to prevent ransomware attacks against your organization. Read the whitepaper to discover:

  • The latest approaches used by cybercriminals
  • Why traditional approaches to security are not enough; and
  • The key steps to take to keep your organization safe.

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