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Episode 2 - Unveiling the cyber security battlefield
Mid-Year cyber security report and Artificial intelligence spotlight

Thursday, September 28

Join us for Episode 2 as we unveil the latest findings from our threat report and how attackers have cunningly combined next-gen AI technologies with long-established tools like USB devices.

Key insights from the 2023 Mid-Year Security Report which will be discussed include:

  • Ransomware groups have stepped up their game, exploiting vulnerabilities in commonly used corporate software and shifting their approach from data encryption to data theft.
  • USB Devices have resurfaced as significant threats, with both state-affiliated groups and cybercriminals 
  • Artificial Intelligence misuse has amplified, with generative AI tools being used to craft phishing emails, keystroke monitoring malware, and basic ransomware code, calling for stronger regulatory measure
  • Impact on the Asia-Pacific region and beyond
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Speaker Gary Gardiner
Head of Security Engineering, APAC

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