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Is Your Network a 'Patchwork' of Different Security Solutions?

Many businesses, when under cyber attack, add a new security product to their portfolio to remedy the new threat. This strategy leads to a security architecture that is a 'patchwork' of multiple vendors with no centralized management and unpredictable security costs.

A multi-vendor security environment is incapable of preemptively protecting against the targeted and advanced attacks due to the lack of shared intelligence, overlapping policy configurations, and the challenge of monitoring the attacks from multiple consoles.

Read this use case to learn:

  • How a consolidated solution can protect your organization against advanced 5th generation attacks
  • Which strategy can deliver a 50% improvement in operational efficiency
  • How a simple, predictable consumption model can result in a 20% reduction in security costs

Download The Business Value of a Consolidated Security Architecture and learn to simplify and manage your network security.

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