The Serverless Security Advantage

Serverless architectures are inherently more secure, but there are nuances that organizations need to mitigate in order to ensure both security and compliance. With serverless, several key attributes are fundamentally different from an application and infrastructure perspective including development velocity, overhead costs, the role of code, and team collaboration. By understanding what changes and needs to change within these areas, one will then better understand how an organization’s security focus and compliance strategy must also evolve.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • What merely changes with serverless, what areas are improved, and what new challenges emerge
  • How to prevent the vast majority of potential attacks with proper security posture
  • The shared responsibility model of DevSecOps

The goal of this eBook is to provide a blueprint to ensure organizations can maximize the advantages a serverless architecture provides from both an operational and security perspective to prevent the next generation of attacks.