Protecting you Beyond the Perimeter

Join our Nordic webinars to learn more about Security for SaaS, Endpoint and Mobile!

The traditional security perimeter is disappearing, being replaced by border-less workplaces where data roams freely among cloud, network and endpoint applications. This new paradigm entails a widening of the attack surfaces too, leaving organizations' exposed to data breaches and cyber attacks. It's time for a change!

Join us for our Nordic webinar serie Security Beyond the Perimeter in three parts, to understand the threat landscape today and to learn how you achieve preventive security:

Webinar 3:

Mobile Security
29 April

Webinar 1: 
Don't let the phishers pwn your Office365 environment

Organizations seeking to optimize business operations and reduce costs increasingly move to cloud applications and software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. However, while SaaS applications improve business agility, they also expose businesses to risks. Enterprise SaaS applications are highly exposed and can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. Furthermore, SaaS applications are provided with insufficient default security that allows unrestricted file sharing and malware delivery and won’t protect you from true Zero Day Phishing.

Webinar 2: Transforming your Endpoints from the weakest link to the strongest defense
Cyberattacks strike swiftly and relentlessly. Each wave grows more targeted, evasive, and potentially more lethal to your organization. SandBlast Agent is advanced endpoint protection that offers threat prevention technologies for top-line defense from advanced unknown zero-day cyberattacks. A threat prevention-first strategy thwarts attacks before they can unleash their destruction on your organization.

Webinar 3: Preventing attacks on Mobile Devices
Cybercriminals make it their business to know the weakest link in your security before you do. In 2019 we saw multiple fully remote exploit attacks towards iOS and Android, but still most companies doesn't protect their mobile devices to the same level as other EndPoints. Now it's time for a change.

Speakers from Check Point
Magnus Sköld, Emerging Technologies Security Expert Scandinavia
Christian Sandberg, Head of Emerging Technologies Security Expert EMEA