Securing Azure is Easy With CloudGuard IaaS Shift

Tuesday, June 2nd 2020 | 11:00AM IST

Securing your Azure cloud assets is quick and easy with CloudGuard IaaS Shift

More organizations are embracing the cloud as an integral part of their IT strategy, driven by the desire for greater efficiency, speed, agility, and cost controls. Security concerns keep many organizations from fully embracing the cloud, or slow down their cloud migration journeys. At the same time, the frequency and sophistication of cloud threats continues to increase.

Check Point’s products are required to provide the best security and ease of use at the speed of DevOps:

  1. Great user experience using an intuitive web UI
  2. Automation (IaC)
  3. Providing all cloud benefits including elasticity, availability, cost effectiveness

Check Point and Microsoft: Better together to enable quick and easy cloud adoption. To fully embrace the cloud, businesses need to understand the “shared responsibility model” – where the cloud provider is responsible for securing the cloud infrastructure and Azure customers are responsible for protecting the data and applications in the cloud.

Join this webinar co-hosted by Check Point and Microsoft for best practices on how to build a secure cloud deployment


Hezi Bahry PM CloudGuard IaaS - Check Point
Shay Levin Technical Community Manager - Check Point
Shay Shahak Sr Azure App Dev Specialist - Microsoft
*The Webinar will be delivered in Hebrew


Better together: Microsoft and Checkpoint

Intro to Azure and shared responsibility model

Check Point for cloud security

CloudGuard IaaS Shift