All you need to do is listen to the news and you know that the cyber threat landscape in 2016 has gotten much worse. But what types of threats are driving the IT community into taking action? And what actions are they are taking?

Read the whitepaper, “Exploits at the Endpoint” and watch our webinar replay, featuring Lee Neely, SANS Mentor Instructor to understand the key results from this study, including:

  • Common threat vectors and how they have changed over the past year
  • The threat types IT professionals see as most impacting their organizations
  • Causes of IT security incidents within organizations – how attacks are getting in
  • Important IT security tools currently used to mitigate risk and prevent threats, as well as tools planned for future implementation
  • Best practices to protect your organizational assets against current security threats

According to the survey, email is the top application that threat actors leverage: 75% of threats get in through email attachments; and 46% break in through malicious browser links in email

— Reference:2016 SANS Threat Landscape Study