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SandBlast Zero-Day Protection

The Best Sandboxing Protection at Every Level

With cybercriminals devising new ways to attack your systems and network, total protection requires more than next generation firewalls and antivirus. You need a solution that identifies known, unknown, and zero-day threats—all while delivering safe documents to your employees in a timely manner.

Read this whitepaper to gain insight into how Check Point SandBlast Zero-Day Protection combines evasion resistant CPU-level detection and the industry’s best OS-level sandboxing, with Threat Extraction into an integrated solution to provide businesses with maximum protection promptly—with no disruption to productivity.

Check Point SandBlast core capabilities include:

  • Threat Extraction converts reconstructed files to PDF for best security, or keeps original format removing active content such as macros and scripts
  • Deep malware inspection at the CPU-level, identifies exploits before they can hide
  • Additional sandboxing techniques protect a full range of documents and file-types
  • Works with existing infrastructure, reducing the need to install new equipment

Download the whitepaper and learn how to get total protection at every level.

Download the Whitepaper

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