Web browsing introduces an array of security risks to all organizations. Malware hidden in web-downloaded content, phishing and social engineering attacks and even the reuse of corporate passwords by your employees for non-business web services puts your organization at risk. To further complicate matters, hackers constantly evolve these attacks to evade detection by traditional signature-based solutions.

In this environment, many organizations find it difficult to maintain strong, innovative protection to keep them safe from threats while minimizing the challenges typically associated with endpoint software implementations.

Watch the on-demand webinar where we discuss how Check Point SandBlast™ Agent has expanded to help protect your employees at the browser and maintain business productivity and security by:

  • Proactively protecting users in real-time from advanced malware attacks downloaded in content via web browsers
  • Blocking unknown and zero-day phishing attacks targeting user credentials
  • Preventing the reuse of corporate passwords on external sites