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A Prescription for Preventing Unknown, Zero-day Attacks

As cyber attacks continue to evolve in magnitude and sophistication, organizations are forced to re-consider their security requirements. Relying solely on detecting attacks after they have breached enterprise networks and remediating them is no longer a viable strategy. Today’s Fifth Generation threats can spread through systems in seconds, doing untold amounts of damage to the bottom line and to reputation.

Adopting a threat prevention approach to cyber security puts an emphasis on blocking unknown threats before they penetrate enterprise systems. In addition, Security Operation Centers will run more efficiently and allow security professionals to focus on real threats and not just chase yet another false positive. “Preventing Unknown, Zero-Day Attacks” provides a straightforward roadmap for adopting a threat prevention approach for your organization and describes the benefits you will achieve.

Download the “Preventing Unknown Zero-day Attacks” whitepaper to learn:

  • The critical role that real-time, shared intelligence plays
  • How threat prevention technology has evolved and uses AI to anticipate attacks
  • How to achieve a unified security architecture that protects all attack vectors

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