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Receives Recommended Rating in 2019 NSS Labs BPS Group Test

NSS Labs, Inc. released results for its 2019 Breach Prevention Systems (BPS) Group Test and recognized Check Point Next Generation Threat Prevention Appliance with Endpoint Security as NSS Labs Recommended.

The NSS Labs BPS report is significant because it incorporates multiple solutions that enable a vendor to provide a breach prevention posture to its customers. Involving multiple solutions provides synergy between various security components that when combined effectively block attacks throughout the cyber kill chain. In Check Point’s case, the solution involved myriad technologies such as SandBlast Network, SandBlast Agent, threat extraction, anti-bot and more.

In the introduction to its analysis of the BPS Security Value Map, NSS Labs wrote: “The Breach Prevention Systems (BPS) Security Value Map (SVM) is based upon data collected over thousands of hours of testing during NSS’ most recent tests including our Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), Next Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems (NGIPS), Breach Prevention Systems (BPS), and Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) Group Tests.”

These results mark Check Point’s third NSS Labs Recommended in 2019 and the 20th NSS Labs Recommended rating since the company began testing with NSS in 2010.

Download the report and Security Value Map to learn about the NSS Labs test and how Check Point achieved:

  • 98.4% security effectiveness
  • 100% HTTP block rate
  • 100% email block rate
  • 100% exploits block rate
  • 100% post-infection block rate
  • 0% False positives

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