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Protect Against Sophisticated Cyber Attacks with Check Point's Next Generation Firewall 

The cyber security landscape is evolving. As internet traffic and corporate networks grow each year, cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect. Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) are an integral part of an organization's security solution that can combat these devastating attacks. 

Next Generation Firewall solutions support seven capabilities to defend against the rapidly expanding threat landscape. Read the Next Generation Firewall Buyer's Guide today to learn why your Next Generation Firewall needs to include: 

  • Superior management and robust threat prevention

  • Application and identity-based inspection and control

  • Hybrid cloud support

  • Scalable performance with advanced security function and encrypted traffic inspection

To learn how Next Generation Firewalls can help you prevent and combat threats in the data center, network, or the cloud, download the Next Generation Firewall Buyer’s Guide now.

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