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Mobile Threat Defense Demo

Schedule a SandBlast Mobile demo and see for yourself how you can protect your mobile workforce in an efficient and seamless way.

SandBlast Mobile is the leading Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution, which provides complete threat detection and mitigation, full visibility, the best mobile catch rate and simple deployment. By integrating with all market-leading MDM/UEMs, SandBlast Mobile adds a critical layer of security to these solutions by covering all vectors of attack.

Only SandBlast Mobile:

  • Protects workers using mobile devices from malware, Man-in-the-Middle attacks, OS exploits, and phishing attacks
  • Is powered by Check Point’s ThreatCloud, the largest IOC database in the world, and has the highest threat catch rate of known and unknown malware on the market
  • Prevents phishing on all apps, on both known and unknown phishing sites
  • Completely assures user privacy and device performance

Request a demo now to view SandBlast Mobile’s full capabilities and speak to our mobile security experts.

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