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Cyber Attacks on Mobile Impact 100% of Businesses

The explosive proliferation of smartphones and tablets in the workplace exposes your company to risks of being hit with multi-vector cyber attacks. How bad can they be? Threats to mobile users are myriad and powerful. A skilled hacker can compromise any device, accessing sensitive business data stored on the device at any time and use devices as stepping stones for 5th generation multi-vector mega attacks that can only be stopped using Gen V security.

For the past year, Check Point mobile threat researchers analyzed data from 850 businesses around the world and determined that every business was attacked at least once. Read the first global cyber security report to study the impact of mobile attacks in enterprise environments derived from actual threat data for corporate-owned and bring-your-own devices.

Download this landmark mobile attack study to learn:

  • How pervasive mobile malware impacts global businesses in different industries
  • Why iOS devices in the financial services industry are at risk
  • What region’s businesses face the greatest number of mobile malware attacks

Learn the impact of mobile attacks

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