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Check Point is # 1 in 2023 Miercom Firewall Benchmark Tests

Scoring a 99.7% malware block rate, versus 72.7% for the nearest competitor

Read the new Miercom Benchmark testing report to find out how Check Point led in all categories. Learn how the next nearest competitors, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, and Fortinet ranked by comparison. You will be surprised by the competitive results.

Miercom is a leading independent test and validation organization that recently tested the security effectiveness of the industry’s top four enterprise firewall vendors. Miercom challenged all four vendor solutions with a wide range of malware, phishing and attack vectors. Check Point led in all categories by achieving a 99.7% malware block rate, 99.9% phishing prevention rate, and ultra-low 0.1% False Positive Detection rate.

"Check Point’s Quantum Next Generation Firewall was superior in advanced threat prevention and offers the best protection against the latest generation of cyberattacks including Zero+1 Day Malware based on recent competitive testing. Their solution demonstrated the highest detection and prevention efficacy against a blend of malicious samples, indicating well-rounded protection from multiple attack vectors.” - Rob Smithers, CEO of Miercom

Read the report to see how each vendor stacked-up.


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