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Turn Your Retail Infrastructure into a Secure Cloud Environment with Check Point CloudGuard on Microsoft Azure

The Retail industry carries one of the greatest responsibilities when it comes to protecting customer data (PII), payment card information, and retail applications.

In today’s cloud-driven world, the application layer is particularly vulnerable. Some of the most progressive IT organizations are incorporating automation to identify and drive out vulnerabilities during the development process, as well as maintain their overall security posture and gain better visibility.

This eBook explores the four factors to building a strong security environment to help organizations:

  • Prioritize cybersecurity and data protection in the cloud
  • Deal with constant change
  • Make security work in the cloud
  • Manage security posture and compliance, as well as other key areas through automation

Better Together! Learn how Check Point CloudGuard on Microsoft Azure can provide unified security across all cloud environments with threat prevention and remediation, out-of-the-box compliance for PCI DSS, and best practice rulesets, timely alerts, traffic logs and user activity.

4 Keys to Securing Cloud Infrastructures

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