Cyber criminals can use IoT and OT vulnerabilities to infiltrate your network and steal your most sensitive data and intellectual property, or shut down your facilities with a ransomware attack. Recently, the US government banned certain cameras and surveillance equipment to protect organizations from cyber espionage.

Research shows that at least half of enterprise IoT devices are unmanaged1. How do you discover your IoT devices and determine your security risk, so you can prevent future attacks?

Check Point is offering a FREE IoT security checkup to provide any enterprise complete visibility into their IoT security risk, including:

  • All the IoT devices on their target network segment
  • Vulnerabilities in their existing IoT, OT or ICS devices, such as outdated firmware and configuration issues
  • Identified threats, such as suspicious communications to and from devices
  • Recommendations on how to mitigate threats

Don’t leave your IoT security to chance. 

Sign up today for your free IoT checkup and assessment report.

For a sample Enterprise IoT Checkup report, click here. Ask our reps about other industry-specific reports.

1 Source: State Of Enterprise IoT Security in North America: Unmanaged and Unsecured (source here)