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Quantum IoT Protect Firmware - Security Risk Assessment

Whether you develop IoT devices or deploy them in your organization, with Check Point's Quantum IoT Protect - Firmware Risk Assessment, you can reduce your exposure to IoT risk in advance.

As devices increasingly connect to the cloud and internet over 5G networks, network-level security may not even be available as a first line of defense, making firmware security even more imperative as a powerful line of defense for your embedded device.

And when it comes to IoT firmware, the risks are many—from 3rd party supply-chain components, through outdated firmware, to device misconfigurations and state-sponsored backdoors. To remove uncertainty, you need to know the underlying firmware security posture of your IoT product offering, and you need to know it now.

Sign up for a free Risk Assessment to expose ALL the inherent security flaws associated with your embedded device firmware.

By the end of the assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report that includes insights on:

  • Discovered vulnerabilities (CVEs databases)
  • Known/weak Credentials
  • Operating system misconfigurations
  • Suspicious domains
  • Key recommendations to mitigate security flaws
Read a sample report to get a preview of the scope of information you will receive. Then sign up to get started.


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