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When it comes to firmware security, the risks are numerous—from 3rd party supply-chain components, to outdated firmware to state-sponsored backdoors.

Thanks to cutting edge control flow integrity (CFI) technology, Check Point IoT Protect Nano Agent provides on-device runtime protection that checks whether a device is acting according to certain computing rules, blocking any deviations from expected behavior, such as unauthorized writes to certain parts of the firmware, or rogue processes that shouldn’t be spawned.

Whether you deploy connected devices in manufacturing, energy, retail, hospitality or outdoor environments, the IoT Protect Nano Agent empowers you to:

  • Protect your connected device’s firmware against the most evasive firmware-targeted attacks including shell injections, memory corruption, control flow hijacking and even zero-day firmware vulnerabilities that have yet to be discovered
  • Monitor the device and block nefarious activity in real time
  • Define and enforce device-level policies for your IoT devices from the Infinity Next cloud-based management portal
  • Gain a unified console for running firmware assessments and managing your IoT Nano Agents
IoT Protect Nano-Agent is the most powerful line of defense for your IoT device.

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