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Secure Your Everything in Healthcare Webinar Replay

While cloud, mobile, and IoT technologies improve your hospital’s efficiency and quality of service, they create more entry points for hackers to target. 

With 40 million patient records exposed in 2019, healthcare organizations continue to experience an increase in the number of data breaches, year over year. Even more, cyber-attacks targeting the healthcare sector have increased by 150% during the Covid-19 crisisi .

Your hospital is more exposed than ever to ransomware, data breaches, and other cyber attacks, jeopardizing patient safety and data confidentiality.

Tune into the webinar, where we will cover best practices to optimize your hospital's cyber security posture and prevent the next attack. 

Learn how to:

  • Protect the clinical network and block ransomware attacks
  • Secure critical medical devices to ensure patient safety
  • Safeguard medical records and maintain compliance with HIPPA
  • Make medical staff more mobile without compromising on security
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i  According to new industry partnership the C5 Alliance.

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