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Check if your mobile device has been exposed to a nation-state grade spyware

Nation-State grade Spyware, such as NSO Pegasus, Cytrox Predator, Stalkware and others have managed to penetrate the most secured mobile devices and extract very sensitive information. These spywares are still being used by different players.

These sophisticated malwares are well-known for their volatility and their ability to get in and out without being noticed.
This means that your  mobile device, or any of your employees devices, might have been compromised without you knowing, and sensitive information, that you've considered to be safely stowed away has leaked. 

For this reason, Check Point experts developed a tool that can detect and recognize past presence of those nation-state spyware on mobile devices. 
Our Mobile specialists would be happy to assist you, run a spyware check on your mobile devices and provide a full report of the findings, free of charge. 

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