The tandem effects of DevOps and cloud efficiency can double software delivery speed; but what happens when security is added into the mix? The importance of moving to a DevSecOps strategy and shifting security left in the CI/CD pipeline can deliver significant financial upside. The benefits include not only improvements in agility and time-to-market, but better overall business outcomes in terms of productivity, profitability, and a reduction in risk. In this white paper you will learn some of the biggest ways organization’s can maximize ROI by implementing DevSecOps in the cloud.

In this paper you will learn:

  • How organizations that do DevSecOps right, deploy code 46x more frequently and are 2x more likely to exceed in profitability and market share
  • How businesses can save as much as 50% in time costs by automating security and compliance processes in the cloud
  • How organizations with high DevSecOps maturity are 144% more likely to resolve flaws quickly, closing the window faster on vulnerabilities that trigger costly incidents