2018 Cloud Security Report

This report summarizes the results of a comprehensive online survey of over 1,500 cybersecurity professionals in the 400,000+ member Information Security Community on LinkedIn. It delivers critical and timely insights into the top security concerns and challenges for organizations working with cloud environments. 

Our key values include:

  • The top three cloud security control challenges SOCs struggle with include visibility into infrastructure security (43%), compliance (38%) and setting consistent security policies across clouds (35%)
  • How compliance in the cloud is different from traditional datacenters with the top two compliance-related challenges being monitoring for compliance (58%), and audit/risk assessment at (52%).
  • The top 3 stages where security professionals are adding security and compliance checks into their DevOps process with first and third place having ties for two stages include, system testing and production (70%), staging (58%) and feature development and unit testing (51%).