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Check Point Demo Days - Harmony Endpoint (Endpoint Security)

Thursday, 29th of July 2021 | 9:30 am - 12 pm

sandblast-mobile-newsletter_300x200.jpgThe power to prevent the next attack is in your hands:

The Check Point Demo Days event offers customers hands-on experience with Harmony solutions, in this case with Check Point Harmony Endpoint. Endpoint Security Solution achieving the best 2020 NSS Labs Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) market test rating and recently also getting great overall results in the MITRE Engenuity Test 2021

The event includes a technical explanation of the technologies and solutions that answer today's needs and tomorrow's risks

Participants will benefit from actual hand-on experience and solutions best practices.


Harmony Solutions Overview

Harmony Endpoint Presentation

Harmony Endpoint Hands-On Labs

Summary and Closing


  • PDF reader installed on the host PC
  • High-quality Internet access, at least 30mbps

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