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Check Point's 2021 Cyber Security Report Reveals Extent of Global Cyber Pandemic, and Shows How Organizations Can Develop Immunity

The 2021 Cyber Security Report shows how hackers and criminals exploited COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 to target all business sectors and highlights the key tactics used, from cloud exploits to phishing and ransomware.
It also gives cyber-security professionals and C-Level executives the information they need to protect their organizations against these advanced fifth-generation cyber-attacks and threats.

Highlights of the Check Point Research 2021 Security Report include:

  • Remote working is targeted: Hackers ramped up ‘thread hijacking’ attacks on remote workers to steal data or infiltrate networks.
  • Cloud adoption races ahead of security: Public cloud security is still a major concern for 75% of enterprises. Cloud security problems will continue into 2021.
  • Double-extortion ransomware attacks rise: On average, a new organization becomes a victim of ransomware every 10 seconds worldwide.
  • Attacks on healthcare sector become an epidemic: in Q4 2020, CPR reported that cyber-attacks on hospitals had increased by 45% worldwide.
  • Mobiles are moving targets: 46% of organizations had at least one employee download a malicious mobile application.

Learn how to develop your organization’s Immunity to 5th-generation cyber-attacks and threats by adopting the strategies and recommendations in the 2021 Cyber Security Report today.


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