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Coronavirus Pandemic Drives Criminal and Political Cyberattacks across Networks, Cloud and Mobile

A variety of actors with diverse motivations - criminal, political or espionage, leveraged concerns related to COVID-19 to target a whole new set of victims during the first half of  2020.

The Cyber Attack Trends 2020 Mid-Year Report highlights the trends cyber criminals use to attack organizations worldwide across all industries, and gives you the information you  need to explore current threat, trends and tactics used globally.

Key trends include:

  • Impact of COVID-19: Coronavirus related attacks increased exponentially from under 5,000 per week in February, to over 200,000 per week in late April.
  • Cloud Environment: Rapid infrastructure adjustments were required by organizations to secure their remote workforce, exposing misconfigured or simply unprotected assets.
  • Cyber warfare: Nation-state cyber activity has seen a surge in intensity and an escalation in severity because traditional tactics to gather intelligence and knowledge are no longer feasible due to social distancing.
  • Double Extortion: Ransomware actors now exfiltrate large quantities of data prior to its encryption in the final stage of the attack. Victims who refuse payment demands find their most sensitive data publicly displayed on dedicated websites.

Discover which new infection vectors are targeting mobile apps, learn about the most common malware, and see the top vulnerabilities for your region. Read the report today and gain knowledge to make decisions that reduce risk for your organization.


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