Bitcoin and Altcoins. Is Your Cyber Security at Risk?

First, cryptocurrencies became the payment method of choice for ransomware attacks like Locky and WannaCry. Then German regulators shut down OneCoin for alleged fraud and scammers in South Korea stole millions of bitcoins from exchange customers.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoins and ethers have become a focal point for cyberattacks across the globe. When money becomes purely software, the cyber security needed to protect against hackers stealing and manipulating bitcoins and altcoins are sure to change in unexpected ways.

For a detailed analysis of how cryptocurrencies are shaping trends in cybercrime and how these trends can impact your cyber security ― whether you participate in cryptocurrencies or not ― read Cryptocurrencies: How Safe are They? Learn:

  • How cryptocurrencies work
  • Ways cyber criminals steal and manipulate bitcoins
  • Why cryptocurrencies are essential for ransomware