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Enhance Container Security on AWS with Check Point CloudGuard

More Context. Actionable Security. Smarter Prevention.

The ever-evolving complexity of container security in modern development and production environments presents unique challenges to organizations. As cloud-native technologies continue to take off, the attack surface is growing with it. It's critical that businesses stay aware of these possible threats and employ strategies to minimize their risk. From potential malware to improper isolation, inadequate authentication and authorization protocols, to weak resource constraints and beyond, securing a containerized infrastructure can be daunting.

Download this white paper to learn how Check Point CloudGuard provides a comprehensive container security SaaS solution for containerized workloads hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  You’ll learn how CloudGuard addresses most common container security challenges, including:

  • Automating workload protection
  • Continuous posture and cluster admission
  • Vulnerability, malware, and secrets scanning
  • Selecting the right security for a specific need
  • Alert fatigue

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