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Free Log4j Protection Starts Here.

One Month Free AppSec & Free Lifetime Protection Against Log4j Attacks

Register today and receive a free month's access to CloudGuard AppSec, and a lifetime of free protection* against Log4j attacks.

No patches, no remediation - just pre-emptive, precise prevention with no admin overheads and just hours from learning to active protection. CloudGuard AppSec uses an automated WAF which relies on contextual AI to build a risk score for every web request, rather than signature matching and rule sets. This machine learning approach means that our customers will always remain ahead of the attackers.

Sign up here for one month free AppSec and a lifetime of free protection against Log4j attacks! 

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After you log in, simply choose CloudGuard Application Security in the main menu and get started. If you would like to setup a meeting with one our experts, click the "Let's Meet" button inside the portal and we will get you all set!

*Terms & Conditions include: up to 10 agents and logging of security events only. When using the free version, Check Point assumes limited liability and limited support.

Free Lifetime Prevention Against Log4j Starts Here

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