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Cloud Security Workshop: Security for Developers

Number of attendees within each session is limited, as content is geared toward specific user needs. Session dates and times will be coordinated with participants.

What it is:
This workshop is intended for DevOps, Architects, DevSecOps and Application Owners who are looking for ways to build software faster, while still working securely throughout the entire CI/CD pipeline.  Outlining various strategies for securing your SDLC, this session will provide you with hands-on tooling to shift-left and seamlessly implement security into your cloud deployments.  Some of the core components we will cover include:

  1. Protecting against exposed secrets like, API keys, tokens and credentials, as well as identifying misconfigurations
  2. Avoiding the most common web attacks to your serverless and containerized applications
  3. Building automated security seamlessly into your web applications
  4. Uncovering threats in your CI/CD pipeline and code

What it does:
This framework will help to bridge the gap between your security and development teams; sharing industry best practices and providing better visibility into cloud native application attacks. This workshop helps structure internal discussions, gain clarity, drive consensus, and ultimately help advance your corporate cloud security strategy.

What you get:
The Security for Developers Workshop includes:

  • An opportunity to scan your Code or GitHub Repo for misconfigurations and embedded secrets
  • A Code Security Analysis that scans your environment, identifies all potential threats and provides recommended steps for remediation

Gain the ability to automate code security with tools that can be deployed in minutes, and return code scanning results in seconds.

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