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Expert Guidance on Securing Modern Cloud Environments

Today’s cloud environments are very different from the static networks of the past. Infrastructure can now grow or shrink on demand, resources can go dormant and wake up spontaneously, or move from place to place—all by design—and security must not be a bottleneck to realizing these fundamental cloud attributes.

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) conducted hands-on testing of the Check Point CloudGuard Network Security solution for protecting today’s cloud-enabled businesses. In their testing, ESG validated that Check Point provided automated, agile security— well suited to dynamic multi-cloud and hybrid environments—with a single, unified management platform to manage multiple, disparate cloud platforms as a single cohesive system.

Download the ESG Lab Validation report to learn how:

    • CloudGuard gateways can work with multiple cloud service providers (CSPs) and software defined data center (SDDC) solution providers
    • Check Point has automated the deployment and configuration of CloudGuard gateways
    • Check Point management architecture enables users to view security events across a heterogeneous, hybrid cloud environment, correlating events to applications and policies

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