AlphaBay and Hansa Dark Web Marketplaces Shut Down

This week, Europol and the US Department of Justice announced the shutdown of AlphaBay and Hansa, two of the biggest marketplaces found on the dark web—an area of the internet hidden to many.

The AlphaBay and Hansa websites eclipse by far The Silk Road, a site that was run out of business several years ago, which first brought the dark web to mainstream attention. Within the dark web, cyber criminals trade in malware, and stolen credit cards, personal information, and other data—not to mention drugs, firearms and other illicit items.

Knowing how the dark web operates, and the type of information that can become currency can lend insight to your security strategy and how you protect sensitive data.

For an inside tour watch this video, Shedding Light on the Dark Web. You’ll learn:

  • What the dark web is
  • How the dark web is accessed
  • How hacking and the world of organized cybercrime operate in the shadows
  • What you need to do secure your organization and assets