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Cyber-secured in today's Utilities Infrastructure

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 | 8:00 am GMT

In today’s environment of digitization and integrated technologies, the utility industry continues to face increased cyber security threats, such as The recent ransomware attack on the major pipeline servicing the US, Colonial Pipeline Attack

Register to join us at the Check Point Africa - Virtual Utilities Roundtable on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 from 8:00 a.m. GMT gathering IT, Information & Cyber security, ICT, SCADA & OT security senior decision-makers & professionals from leading Power & Utility companies in Africa to exchange valuable knowledge, stay up-to-date and learn from practical examples and peer-to-peer networking 

For organizations balancing IT and OT security challenges, this will be a highly informative discussion session. 

Session Themes:

Industrial Control System (ICS) Threat Landscape

  • An Anatomy of recent and top threats
  • Colonial Pipeline Attack
  • Supply Chain Attack
Best practices on How to Protect your critical infrastructure from Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

  • Models and Visibility
  • Protection and Zero Trust Security
  • Integrity and Safety of your Operational Technology (OT) Environment
Use Cases and Blueprints for Securing Industrial Control Systems

Join us on July 7 to fill in the gap in your information security strategy, minimize risks & vulnerabilities and be cyber-secured in today's and tomorrow's utilities infrastructure.

Key Expert Speakers at the Session: 

Mati Epstein 2.png
Mati Epstein 
Head of ICS Technology,
Check Point Software Technologies 
Issam El Haddioui.png Issam El Haddioui
Leader of Security Engineers in Africa,
Check Point Software Technologies 

Thank you and Regards,
Check Point Software Technologies

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