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At this Cloud Cyber Security Summit we will present the current and emerging Cloud security threats and challenges, principles guiding Cloud security experts in 2021 and beyond, best practices for planning your secure Cloud migration and improving your Cloud security posture. 
Most importantly, you will understand how Cyber Security can improve your organization’s Cloud confidence and enable you to gain the greatest value from the Cloud.

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10:00-10:05 (GMT)

By Pankaj Bhula - Regional Director, Africa


Protecting the Cloud
By Richard Flanders - Head of Cloud business in Africa

Richard will cover the topic of how enterprises build a strategy for protecting their assets in public and private cloud against highly-developed threats and attacks from host of different vectors. What criteria should organizations use when choosing and deploying the toolsets they will rely on to protect their cloud-based assets? This presentation will cover the planning and decision-making processes involved in selecting and using the most appropriate technology to ensure that data and applications are protected in the most effective ways possible.


An examination of Cloud Security Posture Management
By Stuart Green - Senior Technical Specialist in Cloud, Check Point

Stuart will cover the business drivers behind the adoption of an efficient CSPM solution and what it can mean for overall security within a cloud-based infrastructure. He will cover the concepts of compliance, network security, identity access management and how artificial intelligence can be used to prevent successful attacks, rather than just detect them.


The single management console proposition
By Nomatter Anderson – Cloud Subject Matter Expert, South Africa

Nomatter will examine the business and technical benefits from having one single management console to provide administrative control over ALL existing security tools that are protecting the cloud. Multi-cloud usage is becoming very popular, however, the management of multiple native toolsets across a multi-cloud environment can be expensive and challenging. Nomatter will look in detail at how deploying a single “console to rule them all” will drive up efficiency and effectiveness in the management of cloud security.


How Cloud technologies drive innovation and Digital Transformation
By Justice Anyai : Cloud Subject Matter Expert Africa | Cybersecurity Evangelist

The adoption of cloud base services is a critical part of organizations digital transformation initiative, this adoption has widen the cyber-attack  surface beyond the traditional perimeter based protection .This in effect has  increased the rate of cyberattack  globally, because attackers are taking advantage of the new cloud technologies to  attack  organizations. This presentation will look at the current cybersecurity transformation that is happening with cloud adoption, the evolution of the threat landscape and the new ways organization should build their security defense strategy as they adopt the cloud.


Meet the Experts – Ask Us Anything!
Panel discussion, moderated by Pankaj Bhula, Regional Director, Africa

  • Richard Flanders (Head of Cloud business in Africa) 
  • Stuart Green (Cloud Security Architect)
  • Nomatter Anderson (Cloud Security Engineer)
  • Justice Anyai (Cloud Subject Matter Expert Africa | Cybersecurity Evangelist)


Pankaj Bhula, Regional Director, Africa 
Pankaj has over 25 years’ experience in the Digital Technology Industry, and has worked for IBM, Dimension Data, Microsoft and SAP. Pankaj headed several business units, ranging from the Strategic Partnership Organization to the Cloud Group and General Business Division. As a Computer Science and MBA Graduate, Pankaj has achieved notable success throughout his career, including the most recognized, that being of manager of the year at Microsoft and best team of the year for the same period.

Pankaj is passionate about the opportunity in Africa and continues to evangelize technology and its responsibility to the continent.

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Richard Flanders, Head of Cloud Business in Africa
Richard has spent over 30 years in the IT business and has worked for a variety of well-known organizations in that time, including Check Point, VMware and Fujitsu. He is well-known in the industry for being a thought-leader and a speaker who challenges preconceptions around emergent technologies. He is currently building a whole new business for Checkpoint based on protecting public and private cloud infrastructures.”


Justice Anyai : Cloud Subject Matter Expert Africa | Cybersecurity Evangelist
Justice Anyai, is a Senior Security Architect and Evangelist for Check Point Software Technologies with over 14years experience in Information Security.. In his current role with Check Point, he helps organizations to architect, design and optimize security and data center-based IT solution across heterogeneous and complex  environments. He is also one of Check Point’s cloud subject matter experts, driving digital transformation via cloud security adoption with enterprises and telco-based customers and organizations.


Stuart Green, Cloud Security Architect
Experienced and multi-vendor certified IT professional with over 15 years in the industry, currently working in the Security Experts team with Check Point, helping customers to secure their ever increasing Cloud landscape whilst maintaining agility and visibility.

Nomatter Anderson, Cloud Subject Matter Expert, Africa
Security Engineer and Cloud Subject Matter Expert for Checkpoint Software Technologies, Certified AWS Architect and Azure and has over 10 years Industry experience, working some of the biggest organizations in the world ranging from Security ,Network, Voice and IT Engineering and Cloud .

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