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A Practical Approach to Implementing Zero Trust Security

Protecting the perimeter from cyber threats used to be enough. Once a user, application or a device was inside, it could be trusted. Now, the business environment has expanded and the perimeter is everywhere.

Across the industry, security professionals are rebuilding their strategies around a Zero Trust Security approach to protect their valuable data while it constantly moves between cloud, mobile, endpoint devices, and a diverse workforce of employees and third parties.

Read Absolute Zero Trust Security with Check Point Infinity Architecture to learn the guiding principles of the Zero Trust security model, and the technologies that support their implementation.

In this paper you will learn how to:

  • Micro–segment your network to block malicious or unauthorized lateral movement
  • Protect your data from identity thieves and compromised devices
  • Avoid complex deployment and inherent security gaps caused by adding point solutions
  • Empower Zero Trust implementation with threat prevention and centralized security management

Take the steps to keep your data safe with the Absolute Zero Trust approach.


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