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5 Steps to Building Advanced Security in Software-Defined Data Centers

Network virtualization is transforming the data center from a hardware-focused to an application-focused environment. This has led to the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), enabling organizations to be more agile and efficient. However,traditional perimeter security solutions are not designed to keep pace with the dynamic nature of SDDCs.

A breach of a single virtual machine can allow malware to propagate unimpeded across the entire data center network. Protecting this new environment requires a solution that is as dynamic and elastic as the SDDC.

What does it take to protect the virtual network?

  • A solution that provides comprehensive visibility and consistent security management across both the physical and virtual environments
  • A mechanism for learning about the virtual environment. IP-based topological mechanisms are no longer effective in a virtual environment
  • A level of orchestration that automates deployment and delivers context-aware threat protection, so infected VMs are quarantined, allowing fully auto-remediation workflows to be triggered

Check Point vSEC and VMware NSX go the extra mile to protect the virtual data center, partnering together to deliver an advanced security architecture for SDDCs that really is advanced.

Learn the 5 steps to building advanced security in a Software-Defined Data Center Download the whitepaper today.

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