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NSS Labs acknowledges Harmony Endpoint* for offering comprehensive endpoint protection

Harmony Endpoint* has earned an AA product rating in the 2020 NSS Labs Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) market test. The designation indicates that Check Point’s endpoint solution has a very strong capacity to deliver on its commitments to customers.

We believe the results establish Harmony Endpoint* as a comprehensive endpoint protection solution, delivering impressive overall protection against a wide variety of attacks, the vast majority of which were prevented prior to infection

Download the detailed NSS Labs AEP market report to better understand how Harmony Endpoint* performed in the endpoint market test.

NSS Advanced Endpoint Protection Test highlights:

  • 100% HTTP block rate
  • 100% Email block rate
  • 100% Evasions block rate
  • 99.12% Total block rate
  • 0.8% False positives
* - formerly known as SandBlast Agent

Download The Report

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