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CheckMe Instant Security Check

Are You Vulnerable to New Types of Attacks?

CheckMe simulates attacks that can affect your computer and information on your network. Based on these simulations, CheckMe instantly provides you with a detailed report that shows if your computer is vulnerable to Phishing & Malicious sites, Malware & Ransomware and Data Leakage & Exfiltration.

CheckMe Threat Sequence CheckMe Threat Sequence


How does CheckMe work?

  1. Click on checkme.checkpoint.com
  2. Start the scan with your browser
  3. CheckMe runs independently analyzing your network's security controls
  4. Click on “Get full Report” to receive a summary report with results and remediation guidelines

Which attacks does CheckMe perform?

CheckMe simulates attacks to test if your computer and network are vulnerable in 3 main threat categories:

    Malware authors often incorporate attack tools, called exploit kits, into websites. These exploit kits combine vulnerability identifiers and exploits of those vulnerabilities in order to infect connecting computers. Another popular attack method is Phishing, which uses fake websites that appear to be legitimate, but actually capture usernames and passwords, credit card numbers and other financial or personal information.
    Malware is malicious software designed to damage computers, gather sensitive information and gain access to target machines. Malware attacks can be distributed by code on a website or malicious attachments and other methods. Ransomware is a growing form of malware. It encrypts user files, making them inaccessible. This malware requires users to purchase keys to decrypt the encrypted files.
    Data leakage is the result of users transferring classified or sensitive information outside of the corporate network, either on purpose or by mistake. In contrast, exfiltration is the deliberate extraction of sensitive data by external parties. Both are dangerous and can lead to the loss of financial data, intellectual property, user credentials and personal information. In many cases, exfiltration represents the final phase of a complex attack.

Check Point strongly recommends that you run a CheckMe security scan and investigate the scan results to determine the extent to which they represent broader security challenges to your organization. Check Point Next Generation Threat Prevention (NGTP) and SandBlast Zero-Day Protection provide comprehensive solutions to protect you from the vulnerabilities found during the CheckMe scan.